If you are like most couples, you have a specific vision. With this vision comes certain expectations of what your wedding day will be like. Your wedding is unique and is created to represent your love. Your images will reflect you, your families, the fun, the joy and most importantly the essence of your day. There are many ways to capture your style and personality.

Now let’s have some fun. Below are the 4 core components of your wedding day.  To help get your creative thoughts flowing, here are some photos and a few examples of how we will create photo opportunities with ease.

Getting Ready To Say “I Do”

Maybe you are still in your pajamas with a coffee in hand, but your dress is hanging in the window, and your jewelry is all laid out. It is time to be pampered and celebrate with your closest friends and family. While you get your hair and makeup done, you will be sharing stories, and enjoying the moment.

During these hours you will be able to relax and enjoy your day, whiling feeling confident all these memories will be captured through candid’s and spontaneity. This is also the perfect time to take photos of your dress before you put it on, your rings, flowers, and other special items you value in a creative way.

Your Beautiful Wedding Ceremony

You ceremony is yours to create. Whether it is in a church or outside in nature, this is your moment. The moment where you become husband and wife. Being 100% in the moment makes for the most genuine of images for your guests and me to capture.

As you plan, your ceremony there will be some expectations your JP, Priest or minister will have. By working within these expectations, we can capture every moment of your ceremony. From walking down the aisle, to your first kiss.


Formal Wedding Photos

You’ve spent countless hours preparing for this day.  You and your now-spouse look amazing. Let’s capture you and your wedding party during your once in a lifetime photo session.

Starting with tasteful, elegant photos with parents and grandparents. We will transition into a twist on tradition and create fun, out of the box images with your wedding party. Then end with your photo session, and most importantly, there will be a combination of romantic, fun images of you and your spouse as you truly are on your wedding day.

Your Wedding Celebration

Your grand entrance is about to begin. Your guests are excited to celebrate with you! After all, you just got MARRIED! Your vision does not stop here and neither should your images.

Your reception is the catalyst for wonderful, emotional, and magical candid moments. As your friends and family fill the dance floor to celebrate, the details will be captured from every angle, above and below, left and right, leaving you with fun and unique photos that will last forever!


Photo Enhancements

A soft look to a photo that enhances the color version to show your story in a more romantic light.

Color Splash highlights and showcases that special item you had to incorporate into your wedding day.

Those special words shared throughout your day can be preserved on your images for years to come.

You’ve seen Grandmas and even Great Grandma’s wedding photos. Sepia tone images give your photos that classic antique look and feel.

Adding a Vignette to an image highlights that particular moment shared between you and your loved one.