“The palest ink is better than the best memory”
-Chinese proverb

This holiday season, I came across a problem that haunts all photographers. As I asked someone to take a photo of my sisters-in-law and myself, the result was less than pleasant…

Below I have outlined the top 10 reasons I feel hiring a professional photographer matters.

1. The Result

Saving money on a family friend will likely result in poor photos. As much as saving money in the moment can be a wonderful thing, having professional photos to always look back on and share long after those memories fade is priceless.

2. Your surroundings

A professional not only has eyes on how you look but how your overall surroundings look. Are there trees popping out of someones head, are their people photo bombing the background or even worse nature creeping up on us in the moment.

3. Posing

We all have insecurities, so hiring a professional will always pose you and your loved ones in the most flattering way possible.

“Amanda made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I told her my insecurity about photo taking and she worked with me the day of to remind me to place my body in a way that my photographs wouldn’t reflect it. ”
– Courtney (Wannamoisett Country Club, Rhode Island)

4. Subject Placement

If your like me and are taller than most of the women in your family. Then you know we often cast a shadow on the shorter people, in our family. A professional photographer will stop these mistakes from happening.

I also have the lightest hair out of the family. This makes me stick out like a sore thumb, if not placed in the right spot. I make a habit to always put myself in the middle, so I look less out of place. Why because as a professional I know how important symmetry can be.

5. Lighting

A professional will always have the best lighting available for you. To be honest this can be the hardest part of photography. Flash does not always help the problems of your surroundings.

6. Clarity

Let’s be honest, are you going to hang that blurry photo in your living room?

7. Privacy

Hiring a professional, takes some of the pressure off of you. Getting the images you truly want, without excluding anyone on purpose or by accident. Most importantly meeting your photographer at their studio or office, where the focus is 100% on you, with no distraction so I can learn your comfort zones.

8. Insurance

Professional photographers have insurance, so you never have to worry about liability.

9. Backed Up

With technology today, phones and SD cards can be unreliable. If your images are not properly backed up then they are gone forever.


A professional has all the ideas, all the knowledge to take and preserve your families milestones for life.

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