Do you have an upcoming wedding and wonder about the formal photography?  Do you think that formal photography is boring and means that a row of people just stand awkwardly and show their best fake smile? When meeting with one of my couples recently to go over their wedding details, they had concerns over the formals. They believed the formals would be awkward and boring, so were thinking it would be better to skip the formal session all together and just do “fun” photos.  I will tell you what I told them, just so everyone is clear on what it is that I do at Amanda Obara Photography!  You may change your mind on “formals” after this post!

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Your wedding is one of the biggest celebrations of your life, and your photos should reflect just that.  Formal photos of the people closest to you is an important part of documenting your wedding day.  Formal photos are the portraits of the bride alone, the couple together, and group photos of the immediate families and wedding party.  A “traditional” group photo of mine would be a classic photo where people are looking at the camera.  Traditional photos are great to capture everyone dressed in their best. Also these photos are typically what people choose to frame and give as gifts as well.  I work with all personalities and my goal is to make everyone feel comfortable in these photos so that I can show real smiles!  I feel these photos are a very important part of what I do on the wedding day, and enjoy getting those traditional photos that will be great to look back on years from now.

In addition to the classic traditional photos, I love to bring your personalities out more and customize the formal photos!  This means that I direct the group and come up with ideas for the pose which sometimes can be planned ahead. Most times these are just you and your family and friends bringing your style to the wedding. Since I am not strictly posing these photos, people tend to feel comfortable and natural smiles, laughs and silliness comes out!  These photos add so much to the set of wedding images I deliver to my couples.  These also are usually my favorite photos from the day, and my clients love them too!

I create a timeline with my couples so that we have the ability to capture the classic formals AND the fun ones too!  This way, you will have something for everyone! Also for your wedding album, you will have more options to choose from.  If your parents are doing a parent album, they may choose different images than you did and have a custom book of their own.  I like giving that variety so that you do not have to skip anything or miss out.

Enjoying your wedding day is so important, and the photo session should be part of the fun too!  With a little planning ahead of time, you can make sure all the group photos are taken and also a set of very fun group photos to add to all the candids and detail photos!  This is what I love to do, and the customized “fun formals” are the best part of wedding photography to me!

If you are one of my couples, thank you for choosing me and I look forward to your upcoming planning session!  If you are still looking for your photographer, I’d love to meet you!  Please fill out the contact form and I will get back to you soon.  When we meet, you’ll soon discover that photography and formals are not something to worry about, but can be a very fun part of your wedding day experience!!