Elyse & John’s

Leicester Country Club


Elyse and John had a beautiful church ceremony. Her twin sister sang hymns throughout, which brought everyone to tears. After the ceremony we did a few formals but Elyse and John wanted to really utilize the beautiful covered bridge that Leicester Country Club offers. So as we were all riding in the limo John realized it was national donut day, why not take the limo through the Dunkin Donuts drive through…and we did.

When we got to Leicester Country Club, we got our covered bridge photos, but wanted to REALLY have some fun. “runaway bride and groom anyone?” the green set us up for success.

However, the most powerful and emotional part of the day was not one I could help create but only capture. Everyone including myself were in tears. Elyse’s father has been in a wheelchair most of her adult life, but that did not stop him from finding the will to stand up and share a dance with her for as long as he could.

Elyse & John’s Wedding Team